Company Profile


Hila Pharma Ltd. is working to bring to our customers the next generation of products for molecular imaging that will allow a more precise diagnosis and improved therapy planning. We are interested in collaboration with the medical & scientific community to further develop and trial new markers in molecular imaging. As we move forward with our vision to grow the company Hila Pharma Ltd. is looking for strategic partners in the field of procurement, production and international sales of cyclotron produced isotope, radiopharmaceuticals and related molecular imaging technologies as well as new advance in the area of radiotherapy.

Hila Pharma Ltd. is formed by actively involved and highly experienced and renowned experts in the area of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. The team includes Radiopharmacists, Nuclear Engineers, Chemists, Technicians and logistics experts.

Cooperation Opportunities

On the realm of International Business Development activities, Hila Pharma exports several products worldwide. We intend to broaden our international network, and we would welcome cooperation opportunities with relevant overseas companies and distributors. Use the contact form in the contact page.