PSMA-11 Lyophilized Ready to Use Kit for Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer by PET/CT

Ready for injection and easy to use, Shake & bake PET imaging sterile cold kit!

  • Shortened preparation time, less material loss in decay (only 8 minutes incubation time at room temperature).
  • GMP compliant.
  • Reduced error rates, involving just one step.
  • Up to 3 patients per vial.
  • RCP ˃ 95%.
  • No need for a hot cell.
  • No need for synthesis modules, expensive cassettes & consumables.

Method Additional reagents added Labeling PH Heating step Purification Time to final product No. of patients
Conventional semi-automated synthesis 3 steps Requires Adjustment Needed Needed 25-40 min 1-2
Ready to use\one step kit 1 step No need No need No need 8-10 min 2-3

The PSMA-11 kit for radiolabeling with 68Ga is a safe and useful, ready-to-use diagnostic agent in PC with high diagnostic performance. A multi-patient dose can be produced and dispensed in less than 30 min at RT. The simplicity of the method provides a highly convenient and easy-to-integrate 68Ga-tool to tracer production in the hospital radio pharmacy. Contact us for more information